Step by Step Guide - How to Organize Your Closet

In my last blog post, I shared with you "15 Things you can do during your stay at home". If you missed it, here's a link:

One of the things was to organize your closet. I know that for some of you it's your worst nightmare and that's exactly why I decided to make it easy as possible for you, with a "Step by Step Guide"!

I know that feeling when your closet is in one mass, full of clothing and you can't find what to wear. Yep, we've all been there. The hard part is that you don't know where to begin. So before you jump into the deep water, make sure that you have what you need in order to start: bags for donation, hangers that look similar or if you want to buy matching hangers, and maybe containers.

Now... Let's get this party started!

First Step: Take Out all of Your Clothing

Ok, I know that this step can get you into a little shock due to the mass, but! Take a deep breath and make a pile of clothing on your bed and just focus on that! If you also have bags, shoes or any other items that don't belong to your wardrobe, arrange them by categories and put them in a pile next to your bed.

Next Step: Clean your Empty Closet

Ok, so what I like to do, is to wipe down the closet shelves, the door inside and out and spritz a little bit fresh fragrance. Leave your closet open so it will air out a bit.

Third Step: Classification

Now, this is your time to shine! Go through each piece of clothing and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it in good condition? If it's dirty and looks bed then just the like the famous song "let it go".

  2. When was the last time I wore this? If it was over a year ago, donate it or sell it.

  3. Does it fit and is it flattering? You're not sure? Try them on, and see if it fits and fleeting you. If not, well, you know what to do.

  4. Can I turn this into an outfit with things I already own? If you need to make an effort and buy new pieces to make this total look work, then just let it go. I really don't think that a piece of clothing should take so much of your time or money.

Remember: Only keep what makes you feel good, in a good condition and flatters your body!

Fourth Step: Arrange Your Clothing by Categories

After we have decided which items to keep and which ones to donate or sell, it's time to fold or hang the clothes by categories. Here's an example of categories that will make your work easy to organize: winter sweatshirts, Hoddies, sweatpants, short-sleeve T-shirt, Jeans, Trousers, etc.

Five-Step: Prioritize

Set the clothes that you're about to use more often on shelves or hangers that are easy and comfortable to reach. For example, we all know that summer is coming, so you can fold the winter clothes and set them behind the summer clothes or on the upper shelves.

After we've decluttered, organized and allowed the "Top of the Top" back to the closet, it's time to keep it organized. Try to do a declutter session once a month by just a generic look through your clothes, and see if there's anything you might be ready to let go of.

A Quick Reminder:

  • Once you have your closet organized, in a quick look you can see exactly what pieces of clothing you have. That will make easy in your everyday life.

  • You can lose valuable time by sifting through your clothes trying to find something to wear, and most importantly spend money on clothes that we might already have or look similar.

  • You don't need many clothes to be trendy, you can always mix and match and bring to life your style.

  • Be an Eco friendly - Donate or sell your clothes. I promise you that many people will thank you for that!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped to take care of your closet. Sometimes less is More. If you have any other great steps for organizing your closet, share it with me in the comments below.

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