Styles in Home Design

From Classic to modern, trends and combinations, home styling is a world full of creativity! It's an art of understanding people's behavior and needs to create the best functional space for them. Since there are many styles of designs (and you can surely get a little lost), I thought to myself that it will be a good idea to make it easier for you with a small glance for what's out there. Here are the main styles in Home Design.


It can be found in all the arts of Europe in 17-19 centuries: Palaces, literature, music, architecture, art. Restraint, symmetry, sophistication, and appeal to antiquity are also reflected in this design. Main properties: 

  • The color scheme is light pastel colors.

  • Niches and walls of rooms are decorated with statues or pictures as in ancient times.

  • Discreet cornices, columns, doors, and windows with clear outlines. 

  • Use of elegant and heavy fabrics, such as brocade, velvet, silk with touches of gold.

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Roots of modern style were birthed in German and Scandinavian architecture, around the turn of the 20th century. The furnishings and decor combine natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and the elimination of unnecessary detailing - simple and unadorned and clean lines.

 It goes well in the open floor plans that accompanied the development of this style. Main Properties: 

  • A neutral or natural color palette. 

  • Natural materials such as unpainted wood, metals, leather, and natural fibers Emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines with fewer curves. 

  • Lack of fussiness or fluff, clean lines.

  • Celebration of natural light and unadorned windows. 

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Orientation to the fashion trends of 50-70s, with use of brightness, and cheerful colors, Vintage decorative elements, old-fashioned textile, lamps, and unusual shapes of furniture - all of this together creates a bizarre form of combination.

Main properties: 

  • Rich and bold color combinations.

  • Use of materials such as PVC, synthetic, plastic, that brings to life an atmosphere of ease and fun.

  • A mix of unexpected design solutions: multicolored chandeliers, colorful curtains, colorful furnishings, custom pictures in retro style, and more.

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Aesthetics that is based on old factories and industrial spaces with a combination of industrial elements and unprocessed textures. Use of steel, concrete floors, exposed beams, and unfinished surfaces to create an industrial look. Main Properties: 

  •  A natural color palette is most common in order to make the industrial feel: a mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors. 

  • Exposed bricks and pipes, concrete flooring, and large open windows.

  • Industrial machine parts as sculptures in space.

  • A blend of contrasts, such as walls, ceilings, and floors made of concrete or steel with designed and upscale furniture.

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Emerged in the 1950s throughout the five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. It is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. It belongs to the aspect of modernism with the use of natural materials, such as leather, wood, and hemp.  Main Properties: 

  • simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. 

  • soft colors such as light blue, grey, and graphics in pastel mixed with wood furniture. 

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This style describes the range of styles with an emphasis on natural and unrefined elements. It is drawn from natural inspiration, using raw and unfinished elements including wood and stone.  Main Properties: 

  • A color palette with greens, browns, and grays are common. It usually springs from natural, rough, aged, sources and materials such as leather or suede. 

  •  It can be a farmhouse, Tuscan, coastal, provenance, greek and more styles of design. 

  •  Based on natural materials, such as wood and stone, and fabrics like burlap and canvas.

  • Seeks to create an atmosphere that's comfortable and inviting. 

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Hope you enjoyed your reading! Let me know your thoughts and don't hesitate to share with me other styles that you would like me to post about.

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