Coronavirus: 15 Things to do while you're at home

I know that this is a hard time for all of us. The News about the Coronavirus is everywhere, while we are trying to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and mostly hoping and waiting for the storm to past. I know that many people are at home these days, so I decided to share with you 15 ideas about what you can do, during your homestay. Enjoy!

1. Read a Good Book

It can by anything that you like! From self-development, business or fiction that will keep you busy for hours.

2. Organize Your Closet

Besides the fact that Passover and summer are a few steps away, your time at home is a great opportunity to organize your clothing by categories, colors, seasons and make your way back to routine easier.

3. Learn Something New

It can take online courses (Coursera, Udemy) or learn a new language with the Duolingo app. In your own time, you can try and learn something you've always been curious about!

4. Do Some Exercises

Youtube or different apps such as ALO MOVES or Workout Women will help you with many lessons and exercises to practice at home. Yoga, Pilates, Core - try to do anything that will make you feel more active and alive!

5. Watch a Good Movie or Series

Finally, you have enough time to have a movie marathon or binge your favorite series.

6. Meditate

Find a quiet spot in your house and be mindful of your breathing and to each breath that you take. Try to meditate for two or three minutes, push those thoughts away and keep your mind from wondering. In these mad days, meditation can help you to reduce stress and anxiety. Try the popular apps CALM and Headspace.

7. Watch TED Talks or Listen to Growth Podcasts

Ted Talks is always a good idea if you want to get inspired and learn something new. You can also listen to podcasts that will uplift your mood.

8. Make Yourself a Home Spa Day

Light some candles, turn on a chill and relaxing music and enjoy yourself into a luxurious bath. Make yourself a mint tea and just soak it in. Treat your facial skin with a good mask and refresh your nail polish.

9. Do Some Crafts

Paint, draw, or sketch! Let your inner child shine!

10. Go Through Your Bank Statements

Check if there are any expenses that you can cut or cancel your paid subscription that you don't use. See where you can save more money.

11. Eat Well

I know that the easiest way is just to order a T.A from your favorite restaurant, but try to shop for fresh food products that you can cook. Make for yourself a healthy dishes that will serve you for a few days.

12. Drink Lots of Water

It might sound somewhat obvious but make sure to drink water even though you're just at home. As you know, water helps our digestive system, boosts our skin, helps to deliver oxygen around the body and prevents dehydration. The WATER REMINDER app will remind you to drink.

13. Clean Your House

Toss to the garbage and recycle expired products (such as food or beauty products) and clean your home from furniture or goods that are no longer in use. You can try to sell or donate them.

14. Call your Friends and Family

You can call them on face time and catch up. It's a great time to chat and see what's new with your family and besties. Try to avoid negative vibes and conversion about the Coronavirus.

15. Relax and Listen to Calm music

Even though it's all around us and hard to avoid, try to disconnect from the Media. Take a break from all the news and social media, listen to soothing and peaceful music - BREATH. It's tough days, I know, but remind yourself that this too shall pass.

Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed it. You're more than welcome to share it on Facebook. If you have more ideas about what to do at home, share it with me below!



Tel- Aviv, Israel

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