Before & After - A couple's apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel

Who? A young couple in their 20's who moved to the big city.

What? Design and home styling with the use of existing furniture from their previous house. The goal was to create a harmonious and pleasant space with a defined budget and current items.

Where? Tel - Aviv.

The Entrance - Shalom Y'all

The Working \ Study Room

Work / Study Home - Since most of the design was based on existing items, such as the red carpet, we decided that the rest of the room will be designed with clean lines, in order to create a pleasant study space. We also decided to use the blue armchair and make an inviting niche in the same space, to take a break and change the atmosphere from the work area.

Swipe right to see the before

The BedRoom

A more relaxed and intimate atmosphere with the use of natural colors and soft textures.

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The Living Room

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Tel- Aviv, Israel

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