Heaven is found - Our Honeymoon in Koh-phangan

I have to admit that, before our arrival at Koh-Phangan, I had a bad impression, that made me feel that I'm not going to like the island - we even planned to spend just 4 days there, and hope on to Koh-Tao. Well, what can I say? We fell in love with this magical and addictive place on our honeymoon, that we choose to stay there for 10 days! The beauty, the vibe, the white sand, and turquoise water - will win over your heart. Enjoy your reading!

Exotic beaches, tall coconut trees, dive sites, full Moon parties, and luxurious resorts. You can choose to enjoy noisy or quiet, secluded or lively places - there's everything here. In short, Here's what you need to know about the different areas and beach strips in the island :

Haad Rin

The most frequented and central area of ​​the island with restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping and also the well known full moon hit party is spoken here.

Thing Nai Pan 

For those of you who are looking to enjoy luxurious resorts, this is the spot for you! Ideal for tourists and couples who like a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, with private beach strip for each hotel, small village with restaurants, and various activities such as kayaking and boat rentals.

Salad Bay

The remote and quieter area of ​​the island with an amazing strip of beaches.

Koh Phangan Pier


From guesthouses, hotels, and luxurious resorts - Koh Phangan offers varied places to stay! We didn't book accommodation in advance and decided to go with the flow and book the hotels as we moved on with our trip and as we desired. This decision has given us the right to enjoy flexibility and mobility during our trip. As a starter, we stayed at a new hotel called "THE CABIN" - all rooms are decorated in a modern style, some of course, with a private pool and they, are all facing the private beach of the hotel. Located in Leela Beach, in the southeastern region of the island, it offers an incredible infinity pool, delicious breakfast, and a sea-facing bar. A 5-minutes drive with a free shuttle from the hotel or a 10-minutes walk, and you are in the lively and central Haad Rin area. It's perfect! On one hand, it is secluded and luxurious and on the other, is close to the center.

The second hotel we stayed in is the Panviman Resort which is in the northeastern area of ​​the island. Wow, I have no words how much we enjoyed it. The hotel is so luxurious that they even let you choose from a variety of pillow types, which pillow you would like to sleep on. The hotel offers a private beach, infinity pool, rooms with a private pool, spa, great breakfast and all while overlooking the Thong Nai Pan Bay. You can get to the hotel from the pier by taxis that cost about 600 baht. We booked a room with a private pool, and honestly, pictures can't embody all of the goodness we experienced while staying at this hotel.

Close to the hotel, there is a small village with varied restaurants, Thai food stalls (highly recommended - super tasty and of course cheap), massages and different water sports, such as scuba diving, boat rentals and more.



So, as we all know, Koh-Phangan is best known for the Full and Half Moon parties. The Full Moon parties are characterized by electro and trance music and, take place at Sunrise Beach in the Haad Rin area - where some of the island's clubs are located on the stip of the beach. The half-moon parties take place inside the island, in the woods, and there are 3 different stages, each with different music (mainstream, trance, electro). I've never been to that kind of party, nor did I imagine myself in one, but - it's a really fun experience that I think is worth doing! Since we were on the island during a half-moon party, we decided to give it a try just enjoy a night out.

Important - we received the impression from several locals that it's a risk to buy a "bucket" - you can't know what they put inside the drink or if the alcohol is good and real.
  • Secret Beach

Don't let the name fool you, because the beach, is not that secret- but since it's secluded you will not find a lot of people there. With white sand, crystal clear water, beach massage (very recommended!), two delicious little restaurants and a place to see the amazing sunset - you're set to relax! A local driver can get you to the beach or if you want, you can rent a motorcycle, which is what we did ( a 250 baht for a day).

  • Bottle Beach

Some may say that this is the most beautiful beach on the island, and I have to add that it's also one of the quiet and isolated ones. Located at the northernmost point of the island, it can be reached only by taxi boat, or by climbing (takes two hours and is very exhausting). We took a taxi boat from Thong Nai Pan Bay which is, fifteen minutes to each direction. I can count on one hand, the number of people who were there at the time we visited, with a pineapple-mango smoothie in hand, pleasant sand and the sound of waves, this is the place to chill and rest.

  • Rent a Motorcycle and explore the Island

The best recommendation I can give you, just because it's the most comfortable and fun choice to explore the island. We choose where to go, where to stop and how long to spend in each place want. There are a lot of renting agencies on the island and it is very important to take pictures of the motorcycle and also make a video before you rent the motorcycle. Of course, you need to be careful on the island's roads, with ups and downs that wouldn't shame a roller coaster. Start from Koh Ma beach, the northwest point of the island, and drive down with several stops along the way: Haad Salad, Secret Beach, and Haad Yao.

  • Enjoy the sunset

This may sound like an obvious, but it's one of the things we've chasen every day. Hold a glass of wine and look toward the horizon, even when the weather is not stable, it's still beautiful to see heavy clouds coming, with flashes of lightning - it gives "Electrifying" look to the sunset. Remember to enjoy it!

  • Haad Rin

The more crowded and fizzy area on the island for those who are looking for a selection of bars, restaurants, and shopping it's the area to reach. The famous "Mama Schnitzel", shopping, manicure & pedicure, massage and more can be found here.


Koh -Phangan offers a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and street food. I decided to share with you my top 3 places you must visit and eat. Trust me, you're about to enjoy each one of them!

  • The Fisherman’s Restaurants and Bar

A combination of Thai and Modern food. We had such a good time here that we visited the restaurant twice! All the dishes are large and delicious, made with fresh ingredients served next to great drinks. This place is between the coconut trees on the beach, which gives it an intimate atmosphere.

  • L’alcove

Ok, so imagine the next location - sunset, pleasant music in the background, the perfect partner is sitting next to you on a raft inside the water and you're holding a glass of wine. Welcome to "Cave". A French and Thai atmosphere, with a large selection of wines and different shows every evening (fire shows, dance, musicians and singers).

  • Beach coconuts

"Beach Coconuts" is the place for those who are looking to taste and enjoy healthier food, made right on the spot. Great coffee, freshly squeezed juices, delectable healthy bowls - nothing like starting the day with a big, rich and delicious healthy bowl! It was so good that we skipped breakfast in the hotel and came to enjoy the food in this hot spot.

Koh-Phangan was amazing, a true perfection. I fell in love, and I truly can't wait for our next visit to this stunning island. Until next time ...Thank you! 🖤

Know more about interesting things to do in Koh - Phangan? Leave me a comment below 😊

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