Home Styling - Consulting & Escorting 

So first of all, What's a home styling? It's an artfully rearranging and creatively utilizes new or existing furnishings, artwork, and accessories to transform any room in your home into a designed, stylish and inviting space that reflects your personal style and taste! The process is suitable for private homes, old apartments, luxury apartments, and new apartments.

At First

We will make an appointment at your house, so we'll understand your needs (punctuality and practically), what's the aesthetic we would like to create, is there any limitation we need to consider while styling the space, and what's the budget we would like to work with. Once we will have all the information we need -we will go out for a shopping day together. 

Now, to the part that I love the most - after all the constructions are done, and we have all the products and furniture we need - we will make your vision come to life by designing and organizing each one of the products and details, into that one big picture we've dreamed of. 





Tel- Aviv, Israel

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