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I'm Mor Siman-Tov, a content creator, with a big love for - traveling, exploring, creativity, and aesthetics since I can remember my self. With a true addiction to exploring new places & meeting new people, styling & arranging spaces, while using my sense of aesthetics, this is the place where I combine all of my passions!
    Here, I will share with you my travel guides, style advice, arrangement tips and more. I hope to inspire you to learn something new, express yourself through your style, and celebrate a harmonic way of life!

About Me

So where should I start? I have to say that Fashion, Travel, Yoga, Art, Style, Interior design and more, have always been a big part of who I am, and the way I choose to live my life. My first steps have started back at the age of 17, and I'm currently 30, so I'll leave you to do the math😉.
   I have a B.A in communication studies, but the courses I studied afterward, were the ones that helped me to learn more about myself, my creation and my vision.
  I had the opportunity to work with high luxury fashion brands such as 'Alexander Wang', 'Emanuel' and 'Q house of basics'. I'm excited about discovering and learning new things in the fields of aesthetics & leisure every day - and fulfilled by expressing and sharing my interpretation and helping others. 

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Tel- Aviv, Israel

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